The smartest choreographer for your business.

Our data-first architecture can match the speed, scale & versatility of any operating model and technology stack. Build your dream platform at a fraction of the time and effort with rierino.

Aligned with the visionaries of commerce technology.

Common features with best-of-breed innovators such as Elastic Path and commercetools.

  • Microservices

    Composed of independent mission-specific modules, it can easily fit into any technology environment facilitating agile development, scalability and fault isolation

  • API-First

    All functionality is exposed through easy-to-use APIs, making the integration of any in-house or third-party component super fast and seamless at any point in time

  • Headless

    Able to integrate with any presentation layer, it provides great flexibility in content management across digital touchpoints supporting omnichannel & social selling

A Truly Open Architecture.

With complete flexibility to add, remove or switch any component, your customization options are infinite rather than multiple choice. Extend services, incorporate tools or even refine substeps anywhere in the business process flow without impacting the rest of the platform.

Our Edge over Open Source.
  • Master it from day one without deciphering and learning a specific code
  • No need to revise or scrap customizations with every version update
  • Extensibility way beyond what is available in the platform’s app store
Our Edge over Open Architecture.
  • Not constrained by out-of-the-box APIs and SDK for customizations
  • Greater flexibility for modification using any library, approach or language
  • Easy changes to micro steps in addition to swapping major components

Born to evolve and built to last.

A highly-adaptive platform designed to embrace your technology capabilities and preferences.

  • Language-Agnostic

    Adopt the technology from day one, customize in your own language, and foster diversity and independence among teams

  • Flexible Patterns

    Specify how each of your microservices work i.e. CRUD, CQRS, event sourcing / orchestrated, reactive, hybrid / stateful, stateless

  • 100% Customizable

    Reshape your data model and event flows as well as API endpoints empowering business and technology users

Hyperintelligence infused in every component.

Personalize, automate and optimize your business flows to take over the world.

  • Embedded ML

    Leverage built-in engines and deep learning capabilities to differentiate on experience and augment every interaction from recommendations to experimentation, price optimization and fraud detection

  • Real-time BI

    Know everything as it happens from customer interactions to marketing KPIs and in-depth system performance without any time lag, and directly feed it to any in-house or third-party service to take action

  • Built on Big Data

    Manage your core technology and data platforms as one powered by state-of-the-art data pipelines, stream processing and distributed file systems used by the Big Tech to handle high volume data in any format

  • Easy Analytics Ops

    Accelerate deployment of analytics outputs as a part of business process flows and let your data scientists work their magic on any tool and library they want such as Python, TensorFlow, Keras or Mahout

Make your privacy & security invincible again.

By giving you complete control, rierino allows you to fully implement your privacy policies and comply with GDPR and other regulatory requirements. With a solid on-premise proposition and transparency through change data capture, you can fully own your technology and not leave your precious data at the mercy of third parties.

Unlimited scalability to support your growth.

From a single server to 10,000s of servers, rierino is designed to handle any deployment architecture with utmost flexibility and speed. Start small, rapidly scale up mirroring high-speed business growth, and cut back on unnecessary resources at slower periods. Optimize your infrastructure spend both today and tomorrow.

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