Your business, your rules running on intelligence.

Expand your agility and creative bandwidth to act as you think and drive stellar results while your commerce platform intelligently does the heavy lifting.

Product Information Management.

Effectively manage the data, content and experience of your dynamic product portfolio.


Out of the box multi-currency and multi-language support facilitating global commerce in different geographies, and accelerated publishing of product content and digital assets across a variety of channels

Content & Asset Customization.

Centralized management of all things product from images to descriptions & tags, establishing a single source of rich and diverse truth, differentiated for customer segments and channels through a user-friendly interface

Assisted Merchandising.

Automated/bulk actions as well as AI-driven recommendations designed to minimize redundant manual effort, shorten time to market of new products and improve product/category data quality & consistency

Customer Information Management.

Unify, secure and transform data into powerful assets for managing the customer lifecycle.

  • Built-in Privacy

    Robust end-to-end encryption of all data by default to safeguard confidential and sensitive information, establish customer trust and ensure compliance to GDPR and other regulatory frameworks

  • Flexible DNA

    Ability to define your customers any way you want, adding/removing fields & tags with a flexible structure, to enrich meaningful indicators, enhance customer understanding and business-relevant insights

  • Out of the Box AI

    Self-learning personalization for key verticals such as micro-segmentation, return prediction and fraud detection that leverage data across the board to effectively manage customer value and relationships

Cart & Payment Management.

Abandon & Exit-Proof. Ability to introduce and customize any feature and functionality including limits, expiry, removal, shipping and payment options to establish a transparent and elevated checkout experience encouraging customers to complete their orders and reducing cart abandonment

Context Hyperaware. Personalized actions crafted in real-time based on cart activity and visitor behavior as it is happening, from pop-ups to limited-time incentives and automated discounts mindful of acquisition costs and customer lifetime value

Pricing & Promotions.

Maximize customer value through effective collaboration across teams and smart engines.

  • Personalized Discounts

    Infinite flexibility to define coupon and non-coupon based discounts, cart promotions and loyalty offers to accelerate acquisition and retention strategies

  • Flexible Fee Structures

    Easy customization of tax, shipping and service fee flows supporting country and product group level compliance as well as experience differentiation

  • Real-time Pricing

    Instant updates based on your custom logic using any driver around value, demand, inventory and competition without manual work or having to wait until the end of day

  • Automated Optimization

    Maximum ROI through built-in ML engines that leverage self-learning algorithms to understand market dynamics and rapidly learn from past performance

Search & Sort Optimization.

Transform your on-site search experience helping customers save time & make better decisions.

  • Faceted Multilingual Search

    Highly-adaptive and easy navigation based on the right attributes for product type and audience to enhance your searchandising practices and align the experience with the language of your customers

  • Personal Optimized Sort

    Bespoke ranking of search results taking into account a balanced combination of business objectives, customer preferences and in-session intent to maximize visibility, conversion and profitability

  • Elasticsearch Base

    Built on the world’s most scalable and lightning-fast Elasticsearch technology that is designed to “handle kajillions of events per second” and provide utmost relevance to any type of human search


Personally Relevant. Intelligent recommendation engine for category, product, search, cart & landing pages combining collaborative & content based filtering on page context, session behavior and customer profile to provide a fully-personalized, helpful yet non-intrusive shopping experience

Easily Controlled. Ability to apply even the most complex set of merchandising and strategic business rules through an intuitive interface to prioritize new arrivals, accelerate slow moving inventory, or maximize conversion GMV

Analytics & Insight Generation.

Enhance your business relevance and resilience through timely guidance at scale.

Real-Time Intelligence.

Inherent ability to measure what matters when it matters, transforming a flood of data into critical insights for your business, through powerful KPIs and strong visualization capabilities that let you dive into key drivers

ML Engines Everywhere.

Artificial intelligence capabilities that can easily be embedded in any workflow, to automate and optimize customer as well as operational actions, expanding your teams’ bandwidth for smart decision making

Transparent Performance.

Complete business control over decision levers and visibility of outcomes from day one, to rapidly see what works best, without black-box components or the hassle and extra investment of collecting data

Customer Experience & Journey Management.

Drive customer loyalty & engagement by crafting consistent, unique and delightful experiences.

  • Unified Omnichannel

    Seamless orchestration of all process flows for a successful cross-channel commerce and communication, with the ability to integrate any front-end and interaction channel

  • Micro Journey Design

    User-friendly interface to create and refine winning micro-moments that improve conversions, eliminate friction and elevate customer perceptions

  • Persona-fied Interactions

    Ability to customize experiences across channels based on pre-defined or data-driven personas to maximize engagement and purpose-fit

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