Blast off of any platform or technology stack.

In high-growth ecommerce, core technology becomes less and less adaptive over time. If your platform is holding you back, rierino can break you free with a migration plan unique to your needs.

Future-proof growth regardless of your starting point.

Discover why rierino is the right solution for each of the prominent technology use cases.

  • In-house Firefighter

    Internal development cannot keep up with business demand

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  • End of Life Mandate

    Vendor no longer supports existing platform version

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  • Legacy Lock-in

    Significant technical debt in old school vendor tech stack

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  • Webshop Outgrower

    Complexity by far exceeds packaged offering and add-ons

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  • Ambitious Startup

    Wants to leverage strong tech to enter with a bang

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  • Microservice Innovator

    Looking to adopt the latest innovation with high maturity

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In-house Firefighter

The need:

«We have a monolithic platform with huge technical debt that is no longer supporting new business requirements. If we use a vendor platform, we'll need to retrain tens of developers and if we build it ourselves, it would set us back 2 years.»

Why rierino: Bring your own language & assets
  • Leverage existing developer know-how & skills
  • Cut back revamp duration down to months
  • Maintain the front-end customers know & love
  • Let the platform adapt to your business as usual

End of Life Mandate

The need:

«We have been using Version 1 for years, and it doesn’t scale enough for us anymore. We can migrate to Version 2, but half the components we use are not supported and we would lose all our customizations in open source code.»

Why rierino: Customize on your own terms
  • Switch to a secure robust platform with support
  • Scale infinitely with an open architecture
  • Eliminate risks in future migrations or upgrades
  • Cut down on most of existing 3rd party plug-ins

Legacy Lock-in

The need:

«On top of license fees, any customization we want to make impacts the whole system and becomes an expensive project on its own. Expanding the team is also a challenge since people are becoming proficient in more recent technologies instead.»

Why rierino: Embrace user-friendly innovation
  • Mix & match any component anytime you want
  • Hire top technology talent without restrictions
  • Customize cost-effectively in-house
  • Involve business teams with easy-to-use controls

Webshop Outgrower

The need:

«It worked well for us at the beginning, but as we added more plug-ins with our growing business, site performance started to become affected. It now has too many black-box parts that we don’t feel in control anymore even with minor updates.»

Why rierino: Unlock infinite flexibility & control
  • Expand without compromising performance
  • Facilitate omnichannel with headless model
  • Customize freely with modular microservices
  • Build around your business model & processes

Ambitious Startup

The need:

«We've secured funding to build the next generation online retailer. We need to build a state-of-the-art infrastructure where we can create uniquely personal experiences for our customers and optimize every decision and interaction.»

Why rierino: Get light years ahead from day one
  • Support future use cases not planned at launch
  • Experiment freely to optimize decisions
  • Complete control over everything customer
  • Scale as you go along evolving with the business

Microservice Innovator

The need:

«We have a flexible platform, but we had to invest in a whole other silo of Big Data components which do not integrate well with our real-time search recommendations & fraud cases. We want to make every customer interaction smarter in real time.»

Why rierino: Upgrade to built-in hyperintelligence
  • Leverage out-of-the-box analytics engines
  • Get complete traceability with event sourcing
  • Unify your ecommerce and data platforms
  • Eliminate dependency on 3rd party analytics
The ultimate migration success story.

Your next ecommerce platform should be deployed fast, but it should also be built to last.

  • Complement not reinvent in-house assets

    Preserve all accumulated capability, know-how and innovative practices without needing to translate or scrap parts on the new platform

  • Make existing and future dreams come true

    Make sure the platform caters to everything you want to do now and is able to evolve with future use cases as you continue to grow your business

  • Transform with and without an impact

    Deploy a platform that helps you achieve bottom-line growth while maintaining business continuity without any disruption to core operations

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