Next generation backbone for digital commerce.

Scale up your ecommerce business equipped with Big Tech skills, startup agility and continuous intelligence.

Microservice innovation made smarter and easier.

A headless microservice architecture provides immense flexibility to sell everywhere and quickly adapt to business changes. We strive to make it accessible, intuitive and easier to adopt without constraints.

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Inherent intelligence without add-ons or workarounds.

Rierino is a data-first commerce platform designed to create unique hyper-personalized experiences at every interaction. It seamlessly orchestrates any process or customization with full traceability.

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Matching your growth ambitions at every stage.

Whether you come with a blank slate, legacy infrastructure or an out-of-the-box webshop, we can smoothly transition you onto our infinitely scalable platform and help you cut down on costs and effort.

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Start now. Do it better.

Switch to our state-of-the-art commerce platform and make it your own.

  • Modular & Composable

    An open architecture that can easily integrate with anything and everything adapting rapidly to your ever-changing business and technology landscape

  • Built-in ML & Decision Engines

    True real-time personalization with self- optimizing flows and the ability to test and learn freely with high impact out-of-the-box deep learning capabilities

  • Infinitely Scalable & Resilient

    Big Data technology building blocks fit for high performance at significant volumes, built-in redundancy and disaster recovery, real-time monitoring of all activity

The sweet spot for business & technology teams.

A commerce platform you can adopt and love from day one with no prerequisites.

  • Empowered to Win

    with control over business levers

    • Personalize every interaction without complexity
    • Design and deploy new features in hours
    • Customize processes with intuitive no-code flows
    • Experiment with rules without any IT dependency
    • Use self-learning analytics to minimize manual work
    • Monitor end-to-end customer activity in real time
  • Freedom to Innovate

    on a future-proof infrastructure

    • Leverage existing developer know-how and skills
    • Hire top talent & adopt new tech without constraints
    • Develop modules at rocket speeds across channels
    • Prevent 3rd party data breach from plug-ins
    • Evolve the platform with components that fit your needs
    • Focus energy on competitive edge rather than upkeep

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